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Program Overview UAV Grand Challenge Program is structured for innovators who want to build scaled enterprises and ventures by lab to market translation of technologies to include experiential, immersive, and instructional components that mimic the lifecycle of an enterprise. The program is designed to accelerate the start-up’s Lab to market journey through a series of support infrastructure provided under umbrella.   Working closely with our technical partners, including CSIR NAL scientists and subject matter experts, will support startups solving a curated list of problem statements and use cases for multi sector applications.

These technologies have far ranging use cases built into various sectors like agriculture, climate change, disaster management, natural resources management etc. These systems have use cases in 

  1. Increasing affordability and accessibility of drone as a service for agricultural applications 

  2. Fast transfer of perishable and critical goods 

  3. Monitoring coastal vulnerability using UAV spatial data

  4. Marine trash detection using UAV systems

  5. Crop quality / morphophysiological monitoring 

  6. Forest tree cover monitoring/ surveying

  7. Wildlife population monitoring and controls 

And many others 


  1. Startups/entrepreneurs/innovators innovating for 

    1. Automation of UAV’s

    2. Energy storage and management for UAV’s / alternate energy systems for UAV’s

    3. High payload carrying capacity UAV’s

    4. Long endurance UAV’s

    5. Multi UAV systems intelligence and applications including 

      1. Precision enabled motion capture technologies for multi-UAV environments

      2. multirobot collaboration, multi-agent systems, miniaturisation, multi drone trajectory planning 

    6. UAV based data collection, processing and applications 


Start-ups with science and technology based innovative solutions that have the potential to innovate and scale around UAV based systems and technologies. Innovators looking for support primarily in product development, product commercialization and Go-To-Market Strategy. 

Program Schedule

11th March 2022

Application Open

30th April 2022

Application Close

15th June 2022

Evaluation End Date

July 2022

Cohort Announcement

Program Offerings

Grant or Equity Support

Selected startups will have an opportunity to receive equity funding of up to 1 Cr ($130k) subject to due diligence. Opportunity for pilot grants also exist subject to achieving commercial viability readiness and potential for scaled deployment.

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